Buried Alive

I have anxiety. Now most people think it means I’m crazy or get startled easily. That is not quite true… It’s more of a crazy that is inside of you. And for me it’s a whirlwind of thoughts in my brain. And if people could hear them they would think I’m insane. These thoughts shouldn’t be here. I would give anything for my head just to be clear. At least then I would be free of my messed up anxiety. Oh well, that’s just how I function. Having a brain that over analyzes so my head is a fucked up junction. Pointless thoughts spinning around, slowly burying me into the ground I’ll give you an example so you can see just how fucked up my brain can be. I’m walking down the hall and say hi to a person I know, we then pass each other and continue to go. A simple interaction you think? Ha ha…NO. Most people wouldn’t even think twice about it, because it’s a meaningless thing, but my brain seems to doubt it. Here is how my brain works: Should I have said hi instead of hey? Goddamnit hi is super gay! Should I have stopped and talked to them? I doubt I’m even their friend. They probably think I’m weird as hell! They probably hate me…but I hate me to so oh well. I’m so fucking stupid, I’m so fucking dumb, how can I not handle a simple situation. As you can see my thought patterns escalade quite quickly. Every interaction I have is like I’m in a grave slowly being buried alive, by the words that haunt me on the inside. They’re all shovels filled with dirt slowly burring me with my hurt. I have no way to escape or survive… All I can do is be buried alive.

By: Dani Dell’Isola 

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